Who Are You Really?

Who are you really?

Who are you really? What happened to that child, teenager or adult that was full of hopes and dreams? As I read an article about writing instructing writers to, “write from your passionate self.”

My Passionate Self?

The Essence of You

The Essence of You

My passionate self, I croaked.  It begs to answer the question Who Am I really? or my “Authentic Self.” Finding our “Center.” That place where we know what we love or what we hate. We guard and keep our true wishes and desires hidden in a vault. Never to come out. Never to be discussed with anyone.

What Happened to the Real Me?

Who am I really? I asked myself, why and when did this happen? The answer is partly in the family environment we lived in as a child. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who was raised in a loving, caring and supportive family. Or maybe your family tended to be antagonistic, and you worried about punishment or ridicule. Perhaps you came from a large family, and you were lost in the shuffle and ignored.
We’ve heard of stories about generations of doctors and lawyers, did they really want to be in that profession or did they follow because that is the choice made to please some one else?

We want to be accepted and loved for who we are and because of that, we don’t become who we really want to be because we fear rejection, disapproval, isolation and we find it easier to conform rather than fight. Resulting in hiding who we really are. We hide our true selves for so long that we forget who we really are and what we really wanted.

False Persona

We put on a false persona to avoid the pain of ridicule and rejection. Who are you really?  Our lives become a lie. We attract a mate who loves the false us. We continue in this artificial life nurturing and raising our children who may mimic the fake us. Our family and friends support the false image we project.
Ask yourself…if you were the real you what might you do as your passionate self? To embark on that journey into those dark recesses of your heart and soul it would be terrifying because you may well lose the persona that you have projected and it may cost you your relationships, family, friends, job, and even the real you.

We weave a web of lies until it is so entangled that we can’t get out because we will lose the love, admiration and respect of those held close to us if they knew who we really are. It’s terrifying to come clean that the life you’ve been living is nothing more than a sham.

Take a moment and think about …..

Are you prepared to never know or reveal who you really are?
To never answer the voice in you begging you to “Let Me Out.”

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