Loss and Grief Transition


Loss and Grief Transition

Dealing with loss and grief of a spouse is probably one of the most devasting events. If when it is anticipated due to illness, or divorce there remains a transition time.

A Time of Grieving

There needs to be a time of grieving the loss of a partner. Friends, neighbors, and other close family may seem as though they made the transition.  It is an ongoing pain, and every person grieves differely.  Unfortuantely, there are no guidelines or rules to help you through this transition in your life.  There are some factors play into the process.  For instance the kind of relationship you had, age or length of marriage.  For couples married 50, 60 or more years it is extremely hard.  The deceased partner may have been the caretaker and did everyting for them.  Perhaps they were in a home and couldn’t be at their side.  That person was they’re whole world the only world they knew all those years.  Their social lives and friends are minimal.

I’m not saying it isn’t like that for others. It may well be, but possibly you remain in the working word, perhaps you have a strong support and social team.  Or maybe you have young children at home yet, and you have to go on living for them.

Loss and Grief

After the grieving process, you begin to think of the next detour of your life. It maybe filled with mixed emotions or excitement at what waits before you and making decesions for your happibness. Life can be complicated and full of complex feelings. A life coach can guide and support you as you travel along the path to the rest of your life.

Adjustments to Loss and Grief

Countless life changes will need to be made: The daily duty of life, meals, household and finances, car maintenance and the biggest of all may be sleeping alone and being alone. All of these are a transition that is necessary and painful. It’s painful, rustrating and unimaginable. Friends and family will offer advice, and it may be useful and helpful. At other times its fear of the unknown, that is uncomfortable during this transition.

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