Steps To Successful Job Search Series #2

Step #2 To successful job search Series

Gather the materials you need.

Gathering the materials you need may seem like everyone should know this, but it never hurts to reveiw  or understand why.

Telephone, answering machine.

To have a successful job search it is necessary to demonstrate you are readily accessible to prospective employers and networking contacts.  Be sure to have a professional message set up on your messaging service.  A successful job search requires a message that is a profession reflection of you. An example of a message I’ve heard when recruiting, “Yo,  this is the clown.”  He was not applying for a clown job.  The position I was recruiting for was in the medical environment.  Needless to say, I did not leave a message nor bother to contact him again.   Do return calls within 24 hours.

Today social media is a significant presence in recruiting and leading to a successful job search.  I want to caution you as to what you post, follow and send on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  This is a reflection of you.  No risque photos, swearing or bashing of your co workers or previous/former employers.

Business Cards

Business cards are an essential tool.  It is a personal business card containing your name, address and phone number, email address, LinkedIn url or your website if it is professional and related to the work you are searching for.  On the reverse side of the card a short description of your  talents. Example: ” Leadership Professional:  Changes the ordinary to the extraordinary.”   A business quote that illustrates one of your core beliefs.

Business Cards can be printed in plain black ink on white cardstock.  Don’t get to fancy.  You can get cards printed locally for a small fee or if you have the know how purchase card stock and print them out yourself.

Additionally, at the end of an interview or meeting be sure to ask for their business card.  You will want to spell their name correctly and have their title to send a thank you note.

Stationery for Thank-You Notes.

Many send thank you emails and that is fine.  However, I still hear that the handwritten thank you note is welcomed.    You can purchase Thank You Notes at a card shop or see if your local Staples might print up a dozen or cards of various sizes.

Computer and Printer (or access to one)

You will need this to generate your resumes, inquiry letters and other correspondence in your job search.  You will also want to create a spreadsheet or table of where you sent your resume and track your results to see where you are making progress.



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