Step #5 Reason For Leaving Statement

Reason for Leaving

Most recruiters will ask “What is your reason for leaving?” You need to prepare to answer. In preparing and writing this statement will help you to be consistent on applications and interviews. You don’t want to use negative words such as “unfortunately,” “downshizing,” etecera.

Dream Job
Even if you are resigning, your boss will want to know why your are leaving.

Items to include

Answer the following questions and you will include these in your reason for leaving:
• What is the conditions of the business or industry? What prompted the organization to take action?
• What was the impat on your position?
• What is your perspective on what happened? What significant contributions were you proud of?
• What options are you exploring?

Write your reason for leaving statement

Here is an example:
As you may know, the gas industry is currently in a down cycle. This is not unusual in the industry. Xyz company also went through an acquisition and restructuring is taking place for xyz to become more efficient. As result, positions are being combined or eliminated. With the installation of an automated timekeeping system, there is no longer a need for a payroll administrator.
I am proud of the contributions I made. I see this as an opportunity to use my strengths and experience in a new work setting.

Final words.

Practice saying your reason for leaving statement until you feel comfortable with it. Remember you don’t want to reflect hard feelings or resentments.

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