Step #4 Organizing Your Job Search

Organizing Your Job Search

organizing your job search

Organizing your job search will also assist you in managing your network and contacts. Additionally, it provides a method for maintaining a pro-active approach and put the information nearby to make follow up calls.

Organize your job searchOrganizing your job search will help to cut down on the length of your job search.  You will be able to work more efficiently if you organize your job search. Well, it is good to track how many jobs you apply for per week. Some states may audit your job search for unemployment benefits.

Non-techy method

If you are not techy, you can organize your job search by centralizing everything in a three ring binder. You can organize the binder monthly or by job category, networking or job interviews.

Technology method

For those that are comfortable with technology you may want to:

Create Folders

Creating folders in Word or email program (Outlook) you can save the documents and correspondence. You can also set up an address group and put your contacts for your job search in that group. You can set the folders up by industry or by position.

Excel Spreadsheets

These are particularly useful to track your progress and leads. You can configure several pages within one documents. For example You can enter all your networking contacts, name, phone number, industry they work in and the date you first contacted them. You can then sort this by date and call those people back that you haven’t spoken to in three weeks.

Contact Management Progam

Contact management programs such as Access, Act or Outlook can track contact names dates, etc., but also send you a reminder for follow-up on a particular date.
These programs may be cost prohibitive if you are unemployed. Unless you are in a sales job where you have hundreds of sales contacts.

Automated Calendar

These are web based and can be found at,, and These provide you the ability to track appointments and “to do activities.”

For more ways on how to organize your job search visit the link below.


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