Transition/Change Coaching

transitionTransition/Change Coaching

Let’s face it all of us have to deal with transition/change.  Sometimes the transition/change is welcomed, but it can still be stressful.  Transition/change that is unwelcomed can send us spiraling.

Transition/change that is positive

To name a few positive transition/change that a coach could assist you.

Transition- Job Promotion

Yes you are excited about this.  You may be transitioning into a Manager position.  Do you know what your plan is for the first 90 days? Your predecessor was beloved by the staff.  She/he was fired or left the organization.  How are you going to help the staff cope with this transition?


Company is opening a branch in Hawaii you’ve always dreamed of living in Hawaii.  What could possibly go wrong?  Parent/spouse/siblings don’t want you to go.  A family member is seriously ill.

Transition-Accepted into Law or Medical school

A step toward reaching your goals.  Many decisions to be made what type of law?  Should you specialize?  Where will you intern?

You feel confident you have all the answers.  Have you asked yourself the hard questions?  Did you dig deep to know what your passionate about?  Are you following this path because you want to or because someone else wants you to and you didn’t want to disappoint?

Transition/Change negative

Loss of employment

This is where a career coach might be helpful.  In this transition, you have an opportunity to do something you have put off doing.  Perhaps it is following your dream.

Death of loved one

The experts tell you that you should not make any significant changes after the passing of a spouse.  I have a friend that lost her husband.  She knew it was going to happen.  It happened sooner than later.  During the first couple of months, she was going through her own health issues, helping her daughter-in-law through a health problem, purging her spouse belonging.  Basically too busy to think.  One day she called us and said that she was returning to our little group.  She needed to spend the time thinking about what she was going to do with her time.

Transition/Change Retiring

This one depends on are you retiring due to health concerns.  Is it mandated?  Perhaps it is planned, and you are eager to embrace your new life.  Whatever the case maybe acquiring the services of a life Transition Coach can be beneficial.

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