The World Of Conflict


The world of Conflict

in the world of conflict we create those worlds we live in. Stop and think about that….Your thought might be I didn’t start the argument or conflict.  Or perhaps you think that because you tell it like to perceive it doesn’t create conflict.

How We Create Our World

The world of conflict can start from something very minor such as, you come home from work one day and ask, What’s for dinner?

Whoever is responsible for making dinner responds, “We’re having hot dogs.”

You respond, “Hot dogs…we’ve had hot dogs three times this week and I had a hot dog for lunch.  I don’t want no (explicative) hot dog. Can’t you fix anything, but hot dogs?”  You have just created your world of conflict.

World of Conflict Options

Now the chef needs to respond to this World You Created.  There are several options they may consider.

World One: Passive

“I’m sorry.  I’ll fix you something else.  What would you like.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking what fantasy world are you living in.

World Two:  Escalation or It’s War

“You SOB, if you would get a second job, we wouldn’t have to eat hot dogs.”  The hot dogs go flyng across the room.

Needless to say the war has escalated.

World Three: Descalating

“I don’t like eating hot dogs three times a week either.  But our food budget got cut so we could pay for the repairs to the car. I hope this is the last of hot dogs for awhile.  We’ll be back on track next month.”


The World we Create.

It is our response or reaction to things that can turn our world upside down, it’s war or understanding the situation.   Sounds simple enough but it isn’t.  Numerous factors go into our thinking, the kind of day we had, how we feel, and sometimes it’s our egos.

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