What Is Success To You?

successWhat Is Success?

Success is different for everyone and changes at different stages of your life.  To answer the question what is success  lets examine the earliest acknowledgement of wanting to be successful.

Earliest Success

I see the excitement and pleasure when a child was able to hold they milk bottle or sippy cup by themselves.  Our successes were measured by the ability to do things for ourselves or learn something new.


As we grow the look of success changes.  It’s more of a competition and succeeding at winning at a competitive sport.  Receiving an “A” in a class or graduating Magna Cum Lauda.

The Many Faces of Success

once we get into adulthood we ask ourselves what is success.  It takes on many different forms and changes frequently.  We look for success in our jobs or careers.  We look for promotions to measure our success.  We might feel successful when we find the love of our life and get married, buy at house and have children.

We look at success by the amount of money we make or the amount of money in the bank.  Success can be the amount of toys and possessions one has.

Success is Fleeting

Success is fleeting and can change by the hour/day/year.    Arianna Huffington told the graduates of Smith College that the definition of success is “well-being, wisdom, our ability to wonder, and, to give back.”

I would like to hear about your successes.  If you need some assistance in finding your definition of success, contact me for a complimentary coaching session.


Not Sure If You’re Successful

The link below will take you to an article  25 Signs that you are successful and unaware 



I belief we are all successful.






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