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Dash is a way of life, a guide to succeeding not only in personal life but also in your career. Follow our blog below and get exclusive insights on how to start living DASHfully.

What Is Success To You?

What Is Success? Success is different for everyone and changes at different stages of your life.  To answer the question what is success  lets examine the earliest acknowledgement of wanting to be successful. Earliest Success I see the excitement and pleasure when a child was able to hold they milk bottle or sippy cup by themselves.  Our successes were measured by the ability to do things for ourselves or learn something new.   As we grow the look of success changes.  It’s more of a competition and succeeding at winning at a competitive sport.  Receiving an “A” in a class or graduating Magna Cum Lauda. The Many Faces of Success once we get into adulthood we ask ourselves what is success.  It takes on many different forms and changes frequently.  We look for success in our jobs or careers.  We look for promotions to measure our success.  We might feel successful when we find the love of our life and get married, buy at house and have children. We look at success by the amount of money we make or the amount of money in the bank.  Success can be the amount of toys and possessions one has. Success is Fleeting Success is fleeting and can change by the hour/day/year.    Arianna Huffington told the graduates of Smith College that the definition of success is “well-being, wisdom, our ability to wonder, and, to give back.” I would like to hear about your successes.  If you need some assistance in finding your definition of success, contact me for a complimentary coaching session.   Not Sure If You’re Successful The link below...

Disposition and Success

What does dispositions have to do with reaching success? Definition of Disposition Disposition means the positive or negative way a person views the world. In contrast, your character is determined by your inner moral values, and your personality reflects what you’re like as an individual. An animal with an excellent disposition is friendly towards people. If you are cheerful, you’re often said to have a sunny disposition. Disposition can also mean “getting rid of something,” so cleaning your room might involve the disposition of empty pizza boxes and soda cans. Dispositions and careers Whether you are a teacher, stockbroker, manager/leader or a sales clerk your disposition and those you interact with is important, it can set the tone for the day or the outcome of the project. One’s disposition/collaboration can make or break one’s success. A teacher needs to be aware of all the students and their different personalities and dispositions as well as his/her own disposition. Are they in the position merely for money and summer off or is their real interest in molding and teaching students to be the best they can be by being encouraging. Teachers are in the position of power to develop our future leaders. In the business, world leaders mobilize and work with others to achieve a common goal. They don’t merely set the goals but work with the lower echelon to identify the needs and develop a common purpose. Job competency is important, but it can be learned and have others in your command that can get the work done. The three critical disposition traits of a leader are influence, initiative, and...

Loss and Grief Transition

Loss and Grief Transition Dealing with loss and grief of a spouse is probably one of the most devasting events. If when it is anticipated due to illness, or divorce there remains a transition time. A Time of Grieving There needs to be a time of grieving the loss of a partner. Friends, neighbors, and other close family may seem as though they made the transition.  It is an ongoing pain, and every person grieves differely.  Unfortuantely, there are no guidelines or rules to help you through this transition in your life.  There are some factors play into the process.  For instance the kind of relationship you had, age or length of marriage.  For couples married 50, 60 or more years it is extremely hard.  The deceased partner may have been the caretaker and did everyting for them.  Perhaps they were in a home and couldn’t be at their side.  That person was they’re whole world the only world they knew all those years.  Their social lives and friends are minimal. I’m not saying it isn’t like that for others. It may well be, but possibly you remain in the working word, perhaps you have a strong support and social team.  Or maybe you have young children at home yet, and you have to go on living for them. Loss and Grief After the grieving process, you begin to think of the next detour of your life. It maybe filled with mixed emotions or excitement at what waits before you and making decesions for your happibness. Life can be complicated and full of complex feelings. A life coach can guide and support...

Transition/Change Coaching

Transition/Change Coaching Let’s face it all of us have to deal with transition/change.  Sometimes the transition/change is welcomed, but it can still be stressful.  Transition/change that is unwelcomed can send us spiraling. Transition/change that is positive To name a few positive transition/change that a coach could assist you. Transition- Job Promotion Yes you are excited about this.  You may be transitioning into a Manager position.  Do you know what your plan is for the first 90 days? Your predecessor was beloved by the staff.  She/he was fired or left the organization.  How are you going to help the staff cope with this transition? Change-Relocation Company is opening a branch in Hawaii you’ve always dreamed of living in Hawaii.  What could possibly go wrong?  Parent/spouse/siblings don’t want you to go.  A family member is seriously ill. Transition-Accepted into Law or Medical school A step toward reaching your goals.  Many decisions to be made what type of law?  Should you specialize?  Where will you intern? You feel confident you have all the answers.  Have you asked yourself the hard questions?  Did you dig deep to know what your passionate about?  Are you following this path because you want to or because someone else wants you to and you didn’t want to disappoint? Transition/Change negative Loss of employment This is where a career coach might be helpful.  In this transition, you have an opportunity to do something you have put off doing.  Perhaps it is following your dream. Death of loved one The experts tell you that you should not make any significant changes after the passing of a spouse.  I have a...

The World Of Conflict

The world of Conflict in the world of conflict we create those worlds we live in. Stop and think about that….Your thought might be I didn’t start the argument or conflict.  Or perhaps you think that because you tell it like to perceive it doesn’t create conflict. How We Create Our World The world of conflict can start from something very minor such as, you come home from work one day and ask, What’s for dinner? Whoever is responsible for making dinner responds, “We’re having hot dogs.” You respond, “Hot dogs…we’ve had hot dogs three times this week and I had a hot dog for lunch.  I don’t want no (explicative) hot dog. Can’t you fix anything, but hot dogs?”  You have just created your world of conflict. World of Conflict Options Now the chef needs to respond to this World You Created.  There are several options they may consider. World One: Passive “I’m sorry.  I’ll fix you something else.  What would you like.” I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking what fantasy world are you living in. World Two:  Escalation or It’s War “You SOB, if you would get a second job, we wouldn’t have to eat hot dogs.”  The hot dogs go flyng across the room. Needless to say the war has escalated. World Three: Descalating “I don’t like eating hot dogs three times a week either.  But our food budget got cut so we could pay for the repairs to the car. I hope this is the last of hot dogs for awhile.  We’ll be back on track next month.”   The World we Create. It is...

Steps To Successful Job Search Series #2

Step #2 To successful job search Series Gather the materials you need. Gathering the materials you need may seem like everyone should know this, but it never hurts to reveiw  or understand why. Telephone, answering machine. To have a successful job search it is necessary to demonstrate you are readily accessible to prospective employers and networking contacts.  Be sure to have a professional message set up on your messaging service.  A successful job search requires a message that is a profession reflection of you. An example of a message I’ve heard when recruiting, “Yo,  this is the clown.”  He was not applying for a clown job.  The position I was recruiting for was in the medical environment.  Needless to say, I did not leave a message nor bother to contact him again.   Do return calls within 24 hours. Today social media is a significant presence in recruiting and leading to a successful job search.  I want to caution you as to what you post, follow and send on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  This is a reflection of you.  No risque photos, swearing or bashing of your co workers or previous/former employers. Business Cards Business cards are an essential tool.  It is a personal business card containing your name, address and phone number, email address, LinkedIn url or your website if it is professional and related to the work you are searching for.  On the reverse side of the card a short description of your  talents. Example: ” Leadership Professional:  Changes the ordinary to the extraordinary.”   A business quote that illustrates one of your core beliefs. Business Cards can be printed...

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